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Why Train your dog?

To improve your relationship! Training your dog establishes good communications between you and your dog by teaching the behavior you expect from them. Dogs are social pack animals by nature and they have their own language to communicate with each other. In order to have the best relationship possible with your pet, it is important for you to understand their language. They will also take comfort and feel more secure when they know you are the pack leader.

Our team have make it real in the absence of each of you.

Training not only helps to reinforce your leadership with your pet through communication and structure. More importantly, dog training helps to give your dog a sense of security and confidence. Your pet will begin to understand their place in the relationship, and how to please the one that provides food, shelter, love and rewards for good behavior!

What to Expect from a Good 2 Great Dog

  • Under complete control even around severe distractions

  • Goes for walks off-leash without running away

  • Quiet on command

  • And much more:

  • Come on command 

  • Off the furniture 

  • No jumping 

  • Sit next to you 

  • Sit at a distance

  • House breaking 

  • No chewing 

  • No Play biting 

  • Car manners 

  • No digging 

  • Place 

  • Down next to you

  • Down at a distance

  • Boundaries 

  • Wait at the door 

  • Walk on loose leash




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